3D Artist 54 – Retopology article

For issue 54 of 3D Artist magazine, I have written a 2 page article in the Questions & Answers section explaining the best approach to retopology on Topogun 2.

The article explains the sequence I use for retopologizing the head and hands of a typical human character. The male model used for the article is included in the magazine CD so that you can follow the exercise with precision.

The magazine can be found here.

3DArtist Topogun Review

My Topogun 2 review on 3DArtist 53

I was invited by 3DArtist magazine to review the latest version of Topogun, a software I know well and use regularly.

You can read it in issue 53, it is hot out of the press! Find it here.

Armored Beasts

Armored Beasts e-Book launched!

3DTotal has just released a new e-book with all the Armored Beasts series tutorials. It includes my “Chicken!” tutorial but also tutorials written by Bruno Camara, Borislav Kechashki, Miro Petrov and Christopher Brandstrom.

All tutorials are made in ZBrush and deal with organic (creatures) and non-organic elements (armors).

You can check it here.


Hairy Old Guy in 3D World magazine!

My image “Hairy Old Guy” has been featured in 3D World magazine in the 3D Community Portfolio area.

You can find it in issue 167.


Tutorial Male body timelapse

Male Body Base – Timelapse Sculpt

I had to create a base model for a new article, so I decided to record the process as a timelapse to show you.
I didn’t have any reference so the concept kept developing during sculpting. It is curious how it started with cartoonish proportions and ended with something so different 🙂
I hope you like it! 🙂

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