Download All Purpose Brushes

All Purpose Photoshop Brushes

A set of brushes that includes the most frequently used basic brushes as well as a set of natural  and smudging brushes that I have develloped for my own work. Really worth a try!

Download the brushes here.


Value vs Hue vs Saturation Photoshop Swatches

This is a handy Value vs Hue plus Saturation vs Hue Swatches. I have placed the Hue on the vertical axis in order to allow the swatch to have minimum width (16 swatches) and maximize the working space.
The first line of swatches is a grayscale ramp, which is always useful.

Not very impressive but practical. 🙂

INSTRUCTIONS: In the Swatch panel choose Replace Swatches and load this file. Make sure the Swatches panel is undocked from the other panels and reduce the Swatches panel width to the minimum (16 swatches) in order for the colors to be correctly ordered.

Download it here.


Hair & Fur Photoshop Brushes

Many people asked me about how I did the fur on my image Mouse Love . The image is mainly 3D but due to time limitations I ended up by painting the mice fur in Photoshop.

I compilled the brushes I created to paint the fur and also added a few ones for hair creation.

I hope these are of use to you!

IMPORTANT:For best use of the fur brushes (especially the Fur_Silhouette brush), keep the Brush editor open under the “Brush tip shape” menu and rotate the angle of the brush as needed so that the fur shows up on the correct side of the silhouette and with the right direction.

Download the brushes here.