Zeoyn Gold MatCap for ZBrush

Gold Matcap for ZBrush created by me.

I have used this MatCap on the Chicken! image which is part of 3D Creative’s armored beasts tutorial series.

You can download the MatCap here.


Zeoyn BlackBall Matcap for ZBrush

Shiny blackball MatCap. Can be used directly for a stylish black finish or as a composite layer to add a varnish coating.

You can download the MatCap here.


Zeoyn SkyReflect1 MatCap for ZBrush

MatCap to simulate the reflection of the sky on an object.

Created for the Chicken! image of 3D Creative’s Armored Beasts tutorial series.

Download it here.


Armadillo Scale Brush for ZBrush

This brush was created for a 3D Creative magazine tutorial of the Cartoon Critters series.

It creates continuous armadillo scales and I have used it on my Tequila Tatu character.

You can download the brush here.


Zeoyn Cutter Brush for ZBrush

I have created this brush to cut muscle insertions. it should be used with small brush sizes on highly subdivided models.

Download it here.


Zeoyn Double Stitch Brush for ZBrush

Brush to create stitches on clothes.

Download it here.