Creating Edge Maps in ZBrush

After attending Alessandro Baldasseroni’s talk at the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014 in which he explained the importance of edge maps in texturing, I tried to explore a way of creating them inside ZBrush‬. You can see the process in this video
I hope it’s helpful!

Direct YouTube link


Painting from Silhouette – Timelapse

Demonstration of a quick character sketch starting from silhouette. Quickly block the main shape in black and then keep adding lighter values to reveal the form.

15 min sketch timelpased into 1 min.



Topogun: Tips for Topology

The article I have written for 3DArtist magazine explaining how to retopologize a head and hand using Topogun is now available online for everyone to read.

This article was published in issue 54 and you can read it here.

Tutorial Armadillo

Tequila Tatu – Step by Step Tutorial

3D Total is making available to everyone the step by step tutorial I wrote for the “Cartoon Critters: How to Stylize and create Animals” e-book.

It is a very comprehensive 15 page tutorial explaining all the steps I took from start to finish to produce the “Tequila Tatu – An Armadillo’s Alcohol Addiction” image.

You can read the full tutorial in here.


NOTE: The tutorial refers an armadillo scale brush for ZBrush. You can find it in my website in this link.

Tutorial Male body timelapse

Male Body Base – Timelapse Sculpt

I had to create a base model for a new article, so I decided to record the process as a timelapse to show you.
I didn’t have any reference so the concept kept developing during sculpting. It is curious how it started with cartoonish proportions and ended with something so different 🙂
I hope you like it! 🙂

Tutorial Barrio Guy

Barrio Guy – Full tutorial

3D Total has released all the chapters of the Barrio Guy tutorial for free!

27 pages and 94 images that guide you through every aspect of the creation of the Barrio Guy image.

The first chapter fully describes the modeling process of the character and is available  in here.

The second chapter talks about the painting, UVs and textures creation and can be found here.

The third and final chapter focuses on the material creation, lighting and final touches and can be found here.

Halloween Pumpkin Timelapse

Halloween Pumpkin – Timelapse Sculpt

Happy Halloween!

Ever curious to see me sculpting in ZBrush?
This is the full sculpting sequence of my Halloween Pumpkin 🙂


Melting Clock – Model Creation Sequence

When I started the melting clock project I was unsure about the best way to approach the model as it required hard modelling shapes that melt into organic shapes. In the image sequence I show the method that I came up with. I hope you like it and learn a bit from it.

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Stylizing Toons – Concept and Modeling

3D Total has published the 1st Chapter of the Stylizing Toons e-Book for free.

The full e-Book describes step by step how I have created the characters and final illustrations for the Boxing Kangaroo and Barrio Guy.

The first chapter of the book covers all the process of creating the base model for the kangaroo in 3DSMax. The second chapter continues the character creation process by adding details and posing in ZBrush. The third chapter explains the lighting, textures, materials, render and post production process.

You can read the free chapter here.


ZBrush Shadowbox basics

My friend Juan (aka Felideus) asked me in the forums about the use of Shadowbox in ZBrush. I made this video to explain him the potential of this technique. The video is very amateurish but I think it is always worth sharing the knowledge.

So, here is the video for you to watch:

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