Creating Edge Maps in ZBrush

After attending Alessandro Baldasseroni’s talk at the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2014 in which he explained the importance of edge maps in texturing, I tried to explore a way of creating them inside ZBrush‬. You can see the process in this video
I hope it’s helpful!

Direct YouTube link


Painting from Silhouette – Timelapse

Demonstration of a quick character sketch starting from silhouette. Quickly block the main shape in black and then keep adding lighter values to reveal the form.

15 min sketch timelpased into 1 min.


Tutorial Male body timelapse

Male Body Base – Timelapse Sculpt

I had to create a base model for a new article, so I decided to record the process as a timelapse to show you.
I didn’t have any reference so the concept kept developing during sculpting. It is curious how it started with cartoonish proportions and ended with something so different 🙂
I hope you like it! 🙂

Halloween Pumpkin Timelapse

Halloween Pumpkin – Timelapse Sculpt

Happy Halloween!

Ever curious to see me sculpting in ZBrush?
This is the full sculpting sequence of my Halloween Pumpkin 🙂


ZBrush Shadowbox basics

My friend Juan (aka Felideus) asked me in the forums about the use of Shadowbox in ZBrush. I made this video to explain him the potential of this technique. The video is very amateurish but I think it is always worth sharing the knowledge.

So, here is the video for you to watch:


ZBrush Tips – Smooth Directional Brush

The often overlooked Smooth Directional Brush which you can load through Lightbox (under Brushes/Smooth directory) has a unique behavior that allows to solve some particular smoothing situations.

This brush smooths only in the direction of your strokes, not smoothing in the direction that is perpendicular to your stroke. This avoids the collapse/shrinking of the smoothed surface in tubular type objects, for example.

To better understand it, just watch this little video in which I show it in action: